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Sports Head Soccer Unblocked

The instructions to the game Sports Head Soccer Unblocked are simple. Use the space bar to kick. Use the arrow keys to move from left to right, up and down. This is the main lure of this soccer flash game, and exactly what makes it so therapeutic for its players. Sport Heads Soccer Unblocked is always first on the list of addicting soccer games. The characters and setting also have a simple design interface. Your bubble head, characters with big heads and miniature legs, plays for you against another player in one-on-one kick-offs with the singular purpose in mind: to score as many goals in one minute. Players take turns kicking off until the minute ends. The one with the most goals win. This is the main principle of the game, more information you are able to find below.

You can choose your team from the beginning. Choose from teams like Arsenal, Ashton Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, and other teams from international soccer leagues. It’s quite easy to score a point against your opponent. Bar angles are strategically placed above the goals and the field so the ball can easily bounce from it to the net. Bonus achievements or upgrades can be unlocked in between kick-offs. Badges float in the air between games, and it’s up to the player to kick the ball in the direction of the badge to unlock it. Be careful though. There are also negative badges that can work to you disadvantage.

For additional bonuses, try any of Sports Head Soccer game hacks. Press 1 to gain 5,000 points. Press 2 to decrease the opponent’s speed. Press 3 to jump on your opponent, and 4 to freeze your rival on opportune time. Players need to defeat ten opponents to reach the 10th and final level before winning the Grand Championship. Full Unblocked part of game Sports Head Soccer are available only at our fans page. It’s also being constantly upgraded based on the feedback of the players, so if you have any suggestions to improve user experience, the structure of the game, its teams or its players, then leave a message and we will try do our best to make you happy. Have a good time.

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